Sunday, May 2, 2010

Millie Jackson : Hypocrisy

Part of the album "It Hurts So Good", an excellent early album from Millie Jackson, recorded in a southern soul style in New York and Muscle Shoals, but a lot hipper than most of the rest of the female soul that was coming out of the south at the time. For one thing, Millie was a bad mamma singer, rapping hard and frankly about the way things are (or were). For another, Millie's not necessarily as great in the sweet department as some of her contemporaries, so she sticks to the harder material, except for a few tear jerking ballads, and adds in a lot of humor and touches of the fierce sarcasm that would soon become her calling card in the soul business. Gary Byrd penned the leadoff cut "I Cry", and the other tracks include "Two Faced World", "Hypocrisy", "Good To The Very Last Drop", "Help Yourself", and "Now That You Got It".

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