Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Betty Wright - Secretary

21 December 1953, Miami, Florida, USA. A former member of her family gospel group, the Echoes Of Joy, Wright’s first recordings were as a backing singer. She later embarked on a solo career and scored a minor hit with ‘Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do’ in 1968. ‘Clean Up Woman’ (1972), a US R&B number 2/pop number 6 hit, established a punchier, less passive style which later releases, ‘Baby Sitter’ (1972) and ‘Let Me Be Your Lovemaker’ (1973), consolidated. Although ‘Shoorah Shoorah’ and ‘Where Is The Love?’ reached the UK Top 30 in 1975, the singer was unable to sustain a wider success. Wright nonetheless continued recording into the 90s and also forged a career as a US television talk show hostess.