Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cassiano : Onda

"Onda" had it's release in 1977 on Polydor. Onda,” the nominal A-side here, affirms Cassiano as a sweet-soul guy with a hypnotic Barry-White-meets-the-Moments groove and feathery falsetto vocals. At close to eight minutes, complete with seagulls and crashing waves on the intro/outro, “Onda” is a bona fide mellow masterpiece that holds its own with “Playing Your Game” or “Sexy Mama.”

Willie Hutch : Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold

Willie Hutch’s "Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold" was on his 1973 LP "Fully Exposed" on Motown. Motown CEO Berry Gordy signed Hutch to be a staff writer, arranger, producer, and musician shortly after he wrote "I'll Be There", a song he penned for The Jackson 5.

Marvin Gaye : Heavy Love Affair

"Heavy Love Affair" is released as the second and last single off Gaye's last Motown album, In Our Lifetime, in 1981, the song was based on Gaye's real-life emotional crisis after being separated from his wife at the time. In some parts of the song, Gaye knows that he's a major female attraction but still feels the warmth of his lost love saying "lots of ladies love me/but it's still a lonesome town" bringing that point clearer in the next verse saying "you got me looking for love (again)". The song became one of his lowest-charted Billboard hits on the R&B side reaching just 61 there becoming the final release of Gaye's on the Tamla (Motown) label before he left the label for Columbia the next year.

Donna McGhee : Make It Last Forever

Opening song on Donna's debut album written by Greg Carmichael and released in 1978. Donna sang with "The Fatback Band" for over three years, touring with “Chaka khan”, “Frankie Beverly and Maze”. “Crown Heights Affair”, and “Tedddy Pendergrass” before she released this debut.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mr Scruff : Feel Free (Scruff's 12" Re-Tweak)

Scruff turns his attention to 'Feel Free' from his album 'Friendly Bacteria', re-tweaking the Afro-tinged jazz excursion for the dancefloor. With Matthew Halsall on trumpet, Denis Jones on guitar and The Cinematic Orchestra's Phil France double bass take centre stage at the outset before the track morphs into a svelte, sweetly-swung machine-like dance jam.