Monday, December 5, 2011

Kings Go Forth : One Day

Some quotes to introduce Kings Go Forth :

"It sounds great... it's an exciting moment for soul music... Kings Go Forth are taking nothing for granted, which lends their music an urgency that transcends mere revivalism." (Pitchfork)

"If you're looking to dance away your pain, Milwaukee's Kings Go Forth will be your healer. The band's musical compass floats from Detroit to Chicago to Memphis, pouring out Vietnam-era funk and soul with lyrics laced with heartbreak.. buy it." (Vanity

"It's rousing, noisy rambunctious funk, and its passion is matched by the skill and subtlety of the arrangement - KFG understand perfectly that the best funk sounds so spontaneous because it's been meticulously put together." (BBC Music)

Curtis Mayfield : Future Shock

The man's legacy is enormous. As the leader of the Impressions, he recorded some of the finest soul vocal group music of the 1960s. As a solo artist in the 1970s, he helped pioneer funk and helped introduce hard-hitting urban commentary into soul music. "Gypsy Woman," "It's All Right," "People Get Ready," "Freddie's Dead," and "Superfly" are merely the most famous of his many hit records.
"Future Shock" appears on the 1973 album "Back to the World"

Find the track in this fine mix...

Matthew Halsall : Song For Charlie

Appears on the fabulous third album 'On The Go', a heartfelt love letter to the jazz of the late '50s and early '60s. Inspired by the evocative sounds of Miles Davis' soundtrack to the Louis Malle film 'Lift To The Scaffold' and the legendary early '60s recordings of Art Blakey and Max Roach the album is nostalgic but always soulful. However, while Halsall's elegiac music is imbued with a sense of history, the young trumpeter and DJ nevertheless brings a contemporary bounce to his music ensuring that his music breathes with a personality all it's own.

Live at Worldwide Festival...

Dimitri From Paris : I Pay A Little Slayer

One of the greatest dancefloor ep's this year came from Dimitri From Paris : "The Nice One Innit"! My favourite is a subtle rework of "I Say A Little Prayer", done with care and love for the original, a remix that breathes new life into a classic that you didn't dare hope could be refreshed. This is not just some re-edit or mash-up, this is work of a genius !

Mighty shadow : Dat Soca Boat

Appears on the fantastic Sofrito compilation, which brings together a shared passion for vintage Tropical music and the ethos of the UK underground club scene. DJ sets are built around exclusive dubplate edits, scratchy 45’s and upfront sounds from producers that share our passion for heavy rhythms, all aimed squarely at the dancefloor.
The gentlemen behind London’s Sofrito parties are true crate diggers par excellence, unearthing the finest in Tropical dancefloor fire. Strut Records is very pleased to have them in the selector’s seat for their debut compilation, Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque. Made up of nearly impossible to find vintage floor fillers, brand new edits, and even an exclusive cumbia from Quantic, the music on here is guaranteed to make your winter feel like summer.

Candi Station : Broadway (Em Vee Edit)

Expert rearrangement and reedit of Candi Staton's cover of the Bee Gee's standard "Nights On Broadway" which strips the track of its orchestral leanings to focus on the groove!

Quantic : Sol Clap

The latest Quantic track appears on "The Turntables on the Hudson" compilation released in July, a collection that reflects their work with Nickodemus and their New York City club. It's an infectious brand new track, also included on "Best of Quantic", out in September. It still amazes me that Quantic has put together already such a massive collection of material. Once again : a superb track !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marlena Shaw : California Soul

Marlena Shaw has endured decades of singing in the shadows, and she has only now finally found her niche.
"California Soul" is probably the most enduring and well-known of her many songs, but just a few seconds listening will tell you that it is much more than that. It’s already a classic amongst those who have already seen the light and have danced and swayed to its timeless swing. Now is the time that this wonderful song is released once more, and upon hearing it all lovers of soul, jazz, or any other kind of good music, will feel an aural glow as warm as the Californian sun.

Available on Jazzman Records

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Salsoul Orchestra : Take Some Time Out (For Love)

Released in 1982 on Salsoul Records, this salsoul episode was written by Stan Lucas with the vocals of Jocelyn Brown.
The Salsoul Orchestra was the ‘house orchestra’ of Salsoul Records. It was mainly Vincent Montana, Jr. who wrote, conducted and produced the orchestra. The orchestra routinely included up to fifty members (including up to 18 violinists). Apart from it’s own recordings, it played for numerous groups and artist on the Salsoul label. Montana got his start doing sessions for philly soul producers, and he adapted that lush style to disco, adding Latin motifs and textures.

Though Salsoul records had long been out of print, several were brought back in the mid-‘90’s. Many of the more recent ‘house’ music offerings owe more than a passing nod to the recordings of this orchestra.

Find it in the Mr Scruff mix, it's kind of in the beginning.