Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soulmotion Compilation Tape 1 (Rare Funk Soul Records)

André Maurice - Be True To You :

Washington producer/arranger Beau Tibbs and singer Andre Maurice recorded two funky
45s for the local Bale concern which are now very difficult to track down. Both tributes to a special lady, You’re The Cream Of The Crop and Be True To You are high quality early ‘70s grooves with sinewy basslines, tight horns and upright beats.

Gwen Mcrae - 90 % of Me Is You :

This track came out in 1974 on Cat Records, a track that's been sampled by some of hip hop's finest .
The Gwen McCrae version is in fact a cover, original was by Vanessa Kendrick, the music is the same - heavy beats and lush strings - but the vocal is way different. There's not much argument that the later version probably deserves the higher profile.

For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has won worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern soul music. Gwen was a pioneering figure in Miami's growth as a center of R&B music in the 70's at the influential TK Records and became an international star in 1975 with the chart-topping, million-selling success of the Grammy-nominated "Rockin' Chair".

Joyce Jones - Help Me Make Up My Mind :

Rare Northern Soul record on Vee Eight from 1969.
Joyce Jones later became part of the '70s Philly disco vocal group First Choice. Their first big breakthrough was the infectious "Armed and Extremely Dangerous" (with its urgent "calling all cars!" intro), a Top 20 R&B/Top 30 pop hit in 1973. New attention was brought to the female trio when Mary J Blidge did a faithful cover of their dance classic "Let No Man Put Asunder" in 1999.

Ann Robinson - You Did It :

Originally issued in 1969 on Sonny Hopson's All Brothers label.
A seriously rare Philly funk 45... The instrumentation backing is done by the Freedom Now Brothers who's instrumental version of this "Sissy Walk" was sampled by Fatboy Slim for one of his pop songs.
This is without a doubt one of those alltime classic sisterfunk anthems.

Gene Chandler - In My Body's House :

B-side of the "Go Back Home" 45 in 1969 on Checker Records.
This track was written and recorded by Curtis Mayfield, originally titled "Hard Times."
Chandler's success became more fitful after Mayfield stopped penning material for him, although he enjoyed some late-'60s hits and had a monster pop and soul smash in 1970 with "Groovy Situation."

Mr. Jog