Friday, June 4, 2010

Mary Love : Born To Live With Heartache

There were many soul singers like Mary Love in the 1960's & very talented, competent performers who were nonetheless pushed to the back of the pack because they lacked exceptional material, or enough personality to truly distinguish them from a crowded field.
After doing some session work as a teenager in Los Angeles, she got her chance to cut half a dozen singles for the Modern label in the mid 60's.
These included 'You Turn My Bitter Into Sweet', I've Got To Get You Back', Let Me Know', Lay This Burden Down', 'Baby I'll Come', Talking About My Man' and Is That you?'.
These were decent, commercial soul records, nothing more, nothing less, somewhat less pop-oriented than Motown, but not much.
She managed to get hold of some material by noted writers Frank Wilson and Ashford & Simpson, but only managed one minor R & B hit for Modern, 'Move a Little Closer,' which made number 48 in 1966.
Love revisited the lower reaches of the R & B Top 50 with 'The Hurt Is Just Beginning' for Josie in 1968, mysteriously, she only issued one more 45 for the Elco label, 'Born To Live With A Heartache', and that didn't come out until 1971.

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