Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breakout : Planet Rock Pt 1.

The first official single release by Breakout came out in September 2006:
The famous Melting Pot Music label from Cologne, Germany released a dirty funk version of "Planet Rock" on 7" produced by Breakout.
3500 vinyl copies got sold within a few weeks, lots of people all around the world showed some love for the release and it went straight into the crates of some of the worlds most renowned djs.
The single got played on the radio by Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1), Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1), Kev Beadle (Basic Soul/ Solar Radio), DJ Day (Eastvillage Radio/ USA), Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity – 90.3 KUSF/ USA), B-Side & Suzi Wong (Coke DJ-Culture On Air/ JamFM; BigFM; 89.0 RTL) and by Michael Rütten (Soulsearching/ Compost Radioshow/ FM4) among others.
Afrika Bambaataa was asking for copies so that he "CAN JAM THIS MUTHA FUNKER OUT ALL OVER THE WORLD AND THEN THE UNIVERSE!". And he let Breakout know that "BREAKOUT ROCKS TO THE PLANET ROCK DON'T STOP!"
In November 2006 a 12” featuring the 9 min. funk version of “Planet Rock” known from the 7” plus the Planet Rock Bonus Beats, a Jazz version with strings & flute and a brand new track written and produced by Breakout called “Planet Funk” came out on Melting Pot Music! Up to now it sold around 3000 vinyl copies!
In December 2006 the members of Breakout decided to go seperate ways so in June 2007 the last 7" of Breakout called "Lyve Wire" was released on Melting Pot Music!

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