Saturday, April 24, 2010

Timo Lassy : African Rumble

Timo Lassy : "The first two tracks released (African Rumble/High At Noon 12”, Ricky-Tick 2006) were important as a starting point. I remember considering other kind of compositions at the early demo stage of the first studio sessions, but I always felt most at home with those two. Of course the album reflects other shades and colours as well, it’s not just what you might call “dancefloor jazz”. I think it’s also pretty obvious that the kind of robust post-modernism you hear on the record is most definitely my thing."
"I think jazz going through a wonderful period of renaissance at the moment, and indeed, the mixing of different crowds is one of the present era’s most intriguing feats. There are, for example, critics here in Finland who don’t see the value in new jazz music that stems from the aesthetics of jazz’s “golden age”, but personally I am of the opinion that jazz should not be concerned solely with pushing the envelope. Sure, you could please a lot of critics doing that, but I aim to make good music both for myself and for the people."

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