Friday, April 23, 2010

Build An Ark : You've Gotta Have Freedom

One of the most righteous albums of the 21st century so far and an instant classic we'll be loving for years! Build An Ark are a seriously heavy soul jazz ensemble, with roots and traditions that stretch back to the most righteous days of the 70s underground. The brainchild of producer Carlos Nino and vocalist Dwight Trible and featuring work by soul jazz stalwarts that include Phil Ranelin, Nate Morgan, Derf Reklaw, Adam Rudolph, and others. All coming together in a fresh, new expression of the righteous ideals that first motivated their original work! Under the guidance of Nino, the group really gels together nicely. Working in a loose mode that's a nice change from the tighter cosmic 21st century soul of the European scene and returning to the organic, almost folksy forms that first emerged on 70s independent labels like Tribe, Strata East, and Nimbus. LA luminary Nate Morgan plays some great Fender Rhodes on many of the album's best tracks and singer Dwight Trible has a soulful range that's somewhere between the style of Terry Callier and Leon Thomas. This EP features 5 tracks in all including a massively beautiful remake of Pharoah Sanders "You've Got To Have Freedom".

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