Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Sweet Talks : Eyi Su Ngaangaa

The Sweet Talks were one of the most popular highlife bands to operate in the 1970s. The band started out as the official group of a Ghanaian glass factory, but later received sponsorship from, and a home at, the Talk of the Town club. Their first album, Adam and Eve, made enough of a splash in World Music waters to lead to a tour of America in 1975 and a follow-up album recorded Stateside in 1978. The group broke up a short while after. Crentsil went on to form the Super Sweet Talks, which in turn became known as the Ahento Band.
The beat of this track is relentless, anchoring the rhythm section and the shimmering layers of funk guitar. Once the horn riff hits and Crentsil's voice kicks in, you're hooked. It's simply gorgeous music that grabs you by the collar and transports you back in time to the heyday of Ghana's music scene, the Talk of the Town club.


  1. Anonymous21:03

    great song, love it

  2. Anonymous23:32

    Won't play. Please repost?