Thursday, March 4, 2010

C. Palomares Y Su Yuboney : Push Push Push

This one appears on the album "Gozalo, Bugalu Tropical". A killer batch of boogaloo material, but not from the usual sources! Although boogaloo is a genre normally associated with the New York scene at the end of the 60s, the music here all hails from Peru and represents a great new sound, music inspired by the Nuyorican originals, but which often take things into whole new directions! The Peruvian approach to boogaloo is a bit looser than the New York one, a bit more open and free, and often heavily touched by jazz music as well, resulting in a sound that's also got plenty of hard-jamming descarga elements too ! Given the racial makeup of the Peruvian scene, there's a bit less soul influence going on too, lyrics are more often in Spanish, and less inspired by the Harlem sound, but the overall rhythms still share plenty with the Latin soul styles of New York, and provide a great foil for some of the jazzy instrumentation. This package is a massive discovery in music, one that goes way beyond some of the few Peruvian Latin titles from the time that have been reissued, and it's overflowing with amazing work that's totally new to our ears!

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