Thursday, February 11, 2010

Truby Trio : Jaleo

The Trio was founded in 1997 by Rainer Trüby, Roland Appel & Christian Prommer. Since their very beginning they played in the Champions League of dance business, as they combined different flavours like Brazil, Latin or even Disco and invented a completely new dance genre. Ever since the interest in their music has been steadily growing. Just think of their remix works for such artists as Turntable Rocker, Nitin Sawhney, Peace Orchestra, Bebel Gilberto, Klaus Doldinger and Frederic Galliano. In 2001 they reached another milestone as they were asked to contribute their favourite tunes for the DJ-Kicks series, for which they also toured the world, where they were able to pick up all sorts of different cultural and musical influences for their inspiration, and finally they were able to work on a full-length album project.
"In Mallorca we had a lovely little flamenco session at the Soulcamp / Flamingo Studios in Palma. Nacho Velasco, from the excellent Garito Café, brought his cajón round and jammed with Concha Buika who gave all her ‘jaleo’ out of her soul… "
Concha Buika is part-time Madrilena and part-time Mallorquina, and she is the first Spanish voice for the Trio. In Spain she is a famous jazz singer and her voice is also featured on a lot of deep house productions.

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