Friday, February 19, 2010

Jimmy Bo Horne : Let Me Be Your Lover

Jimmy Bo Horne's "Let me (Let Me Be Your Lover)" scored a massive hit in its second lifetime where it was sampled by the Stereo Mc's in their 1992 song "Connected".
Horne was a Florida based artist who had been recording since the mid-60s for Henry Stone’s Alston label (where he recorded the “answer” to Betty Wright’s ‘Clean Up Woman’, entitled – not surprisingly – ‘Clean Up Man’ in 1972). He laid down ‘Let Me Be Your Lover’ in 1978 during the heart of the disco era. Fortunately for us, the tune was written and produced by Harry Casey and Richard Finch, two gentlemen who wrote and recorded some of the funkiest disco records with KC & the Sunshine Band (Casey being “KC”), as well as tunes for George McRae (‘Rock Your Baby’) and Betty Wright among others.
Another relative success of "Bo" Horne was "You Get Me Hot" in 1979. Although it was released as the B side of the cult-hit "Spank", the song reached the Top 20 on the Billboard Black and was played in many clubs of the time.

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