Thursday, January 28, 2010

Javi P3z Orquesta : Futbol-in

Another massive track from the past decade. This track came out in 2004 on the first album "Sports" of the Spanish "Javi P3z Orquesta".
P3z is one of the originators of Spanish electronic and experimental music scene, and the co-founder of the adored label Novophonic. After becoming the proud father of triplettes he has returned to the studio and re-recorded the tracks with an orchestra, and completed this much-awaited funkolympics ! The band consists of Javi P3z (Sampler and Voice), Makala (Bass), Jon Lonbera (Guitar), Jimmi Bidaurreta (Keyboards), Mikel Abrego (Drums), Luis Camino (Percussion), Jon Elizalde (Trombone), Aritz Iombide (Trumpet), and Igor Ruiz (Saxophone).

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