Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gwen Mcrae : 90 % of me is You

This track came out in 1974 on Cat Records, a track that's been sampled by some of hip hop's finest .
The Gwen McCrae version is in fact a cover, original was by Vanessa Kendrick, the music is the same - heavy beats and lush strings - but the vocal is way different. There's not much argument that the later version probably deserves the higher profile.
For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has won worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern soul music. Gwen was a pioneering figure in Miami's growth as a center of R&B music in the 70's at the influential TK Records and became an international star in 1975 with the chart-topping, million-selling success of the Grammy-nominated "Rockin' Chair".

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