Monday, October 7, 2013

Floating Points : Vacuum Boogie

A repress of the 12" Vacuum Boogie is an excellent excuse to post this classic clubtrack. "Vacuum Boogie," as the title suggests flows upwards, straight into air. The melodies reach, reach, reach until you're nearly ready to dive into the track yourself and push them where they so obviously want to go. This sort of unresolved tension is where Points, AKA Sam Shepherd, excels. You're either hanging on to the edge of your seat or hanging on to your dancing partner waiting for the hit. The same goes for "Truly" and "Argonaute II," on a more muted scale. The groove is paramount, the instruments locked into a Bolero build that only rarely gets extinguished, only to be built up again. Shepherd's talent on this particular EP is in creating glowing bits of soul and then simply letting them run their course.

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