Friday, March 29, 2013

Barbara King : What I Did In The Street

Released in 1978 on Alwa, re-issued on Fryers and Jazzman who are used to dealing with tracks that fall under the radar for all kinds of reasons, but this legendary Sister Funk cut out of sunny Florida is almost unique in that it missed its chance to shine twice. Originally recorded as a hard-nosed James Brown inspired funk number, then again years later as a more open disco-soul inspired dance floor cut that fits in with the current trend of the new funky Northern sound. To say the 45 of the original version is rare is putting it mildly, you have more chance of finding a hen’s tooth in rocking horse shit on the 29th of February. The ONE time it’s ever appeared on eBay (badly listed) was around 2005, it finally sold to a very quiet stealthy London collector who will remain unnamed. The later version has popped up a few times however, yet routinely commands a $500 price tag. So I think you can safely say there is at least $2500 worth of o.g action on this killer double sider 45.


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