Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Menahan Street Band : The Crossing

Opening and title track of the new "Menahan Street Band" album released on Daptone Records/The Orchard. Their debut album, "Make the Road by Walking", was released in 2008 on Dunham, a sublabel of Daptone Records, and a favorite of lots of in crowd producers and music lovers. Various songs from "Make the Road by Walking" have been sampled by hip hop artists, including the title track, which was sampled by Jay-Z on the track "Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)...", and "The Traitor", which was sampled by Kid Cudi and by 50 Cent.
The Crossing is more colored with strings wich makes the piece ingenious dramatic more precise than "Make the Road by Walking". Still, the swell of the blazers are so strong they replace the vocal lines that are not there.
"The Crossing" needs more spins than its predecessor but once opened up you'll discover "The Crossing" is an enrichment of one of the strongest contemporary soul catalogs.

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