Monday, October 18, 2010

Fred Wesley : Four Play

"Four Play" appears on the 1977 album "A Blow for Me, a Toot to You".
"Four Play" is an excellent track that really features some great bass playing from Bootsy. The rhythm is hypnotic and moving, with the horns coming in to work against the tension of the guitars & bass.
Despite the fact that this album is mostly a bunch of old tracks that were redone with new horn tracks, it's still excellent. The greatness of the musicians and their amazing output at the time meant that these were no mere outtakes, but rather excellent tracks that didn't quite fit in elsewhere. Fittingly, most of the music and vocals are handled by Bootsy's Rubber Band, for whom the Horny Horns played for on all their records. In fact, the Horny Horns were named right around the time that the Rubber Band was born. In addition, frequent Rubber Band contributors Garry Shider, Michael Hampton and Bernie Worrell can be heard all over the album. The album stays lightly funky the whole way through, with horns dominant throughout. The vocals are mostly chants if they're there at all.

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