Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ingrid Lucia & the Flying Neutrinos : Mr. Zoot Suit

From The New York Post:
"Ingrid Lucia ... is singing in an appealingly ripe voice with a style that owes a good bit to Billie Holiday ... The Neutrinos would also be a natural for any talk show, not just for their musical talent but for their unusual life style having been street performers for a dozen years."
- Chip Deffaa - Jazz Critic - New York Post

From The New York Press:
"Ingrid's magnetic stage presence is a combination of torchy voluptuousness and down-home amicability; it just doesn't seem right that she's slinking onstage in that form-fitting, gold lame dress when she starts talking long yarns about growing up carny. ... The effortless, traveling-roadshow spirit of every Flying Neutrinos performance has made us Sunday-evening regs."
- New York Press - Best of Manhattan '95

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